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Students at Red Bank Elementary School in Lexington, South Carolina partnered with Make Your Mark to raise over 1,000 pounds of non-perishable goods to deliver to Marion County.  The goods were in response to the thousands who were displaced from their homes during Hurricane Florence.  #Running

Make Your Mark Host Community Meal

Make Your Mark Helps Rock the Wolf Den by Collecting Non-Perishable Goods for LICS and Flood Victims

Coach would have been so proud on January 09, 2016!  Make Your Mark opened its student leadership program at Mullins High School for ninth to twelfth graders.  Currently the program has 27 ninth to twelfth graders enlisted.  

Make Your Mark students from Red Bank Elementary School, spread holiday cheer by making ornaments for teachers across the school.

Making Our Mark At School '15-'16

Make Your Mark Takes Pride in the Community by Participating in Adopt-A-Highway

Make Your Mark Gives Back by Delivering Food to Red Bank and White Knoll Community During Devastating Flood

Make Your Mark students from Carolina Springs Middle School and Red Bank Elementary School were at it again collecting nonperishable items for the Lexington Interfaith Community Services (LICS) at Rock the Wolf Den.  

Make Your Mark Opens Leadership Program for High School Students in Mullins, South Carolina

Make Your Mark Honors Gerald by Organizing Recycling Team at RBE‚Äč

Make Your Mark Student Leadership Continues to Shine

Make Your Mark partnered with the Lexington Interfaith Community Services (LICS) to raise 1,058 pounds of nonperishable items for the flood victims in the Midlands.  

Make Your Mark Raises 1058 Pounds of Food for the Flood Victims in the Midlands of South Carolina 

Make Your Mark Spreads Holiday Cheer with Teachers Across RBE

On October 06, the Make Your Mark students at Carolina Springs Middle School and Red Bank Elementary School honored Coach Gerald's birthday by upgrading a teacher's morning.  Each child custom designed a bag for a teacher with an inspirational quote, a personalized card, and a snack inside.   

Make Your Mark partnered with Pilgrim Lutheran Church to deliver 100 bag lunches to members of the Red Bank and White Knoll community during the disastrous flood that devastated the Midlands of South Carolina.

On September 03, we celebrated Coach Gerald's life at RBE and CSMS.  We thought really long and hard about how we could do something in honor of his life.  What would best represent him?  The kids came to the conclusion that the best way to honor him would be by doing something that would help someone else.  At both RBE and CSMS the kids decided to help the custodial staff out by helping them collect the trash throughout the school.  This meant so much to them!  The kids at RBE decided to take things one step further.  They recognized the need to have a recycling team at RBE.  So they organized a method by which we'd collect all recycled materials every Tuesday and Thursday in honor of Coach Gerald.  This has been a super successful activity that has helped not just those in the school, but all of us by teaching kids to go "green!"    

Make Your Mark students from Carolina Springs Middle School and Red Bank Elementary School, led by sixth grader and Make Your Mark Student Advisory Board Member, Claire Goff collected 85 comforters and 85 twin bed sheets for the children at Epworth Children's Home.

Make Your Mark Extends Arms to the Greater Midlands by Collecting Comforters and Twin Bed Sheets for Epworth Children's Home

Making Our Mark By Goal Setting '15-'16

Goal setting is a huge part of what we teach within our leadership hour.  Goals must be SMART.  Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-based.  The kids started off the year by setting a basketball skill goal, a physical fitness goal, and a goal to work on at home.  We have been charting our shots during the basketball hour.  Each child shoots for ten minutes during our weekly shoot around and then calculates their percentage.  They are focused on seeing trends in their data and making sure their percentage is increasing each week.  If they fail to increase, then they try and find one way they need to work harder at the next shoot around.  The physical fitness goals are set based on how they performed on their beginning of the year pretest.  The skills they are trying to get better at at based on the South Carolina physical fitness standards (15 meter pacer, curl ups, and push ups).  Finally, the home goal that they set was to improve ways they help around their house.  They were challenged to create a goal that would do more than they were already expected.  They had a two week period to implement this goal in their lives and keep it there. 

This fall, the White Knoll High School girls and boys basketball teams volunteered at Make Your Mark during the academic and basketball hour.  The varsity players helped students with their homework, read with them for twenty minutes, and lead the basketball stations during basketball hour.  It was incredible to see our youth leading their young counterparts.  

Every quarter students who participate in Make Your Mark at Carolina Springs Middle School and Red Bank Elementary School come together to clean Community Drive in front of Red Bank Elementary School in connection with Adopt-A-Highway.

Super proud of Claire Goff and the work she put into collecting items for Epworth Children's Home on behalf of Make Your Mark. In total, Claire collected 20 comforters, 20 sets of twin sheets, 20 towel sets, 20 pillows, stuffed toy horses, and 30 blankets. A special credit also goes to her parents Mike and Meri Goff for their support of her passion to show love and care for the orphans at Epworth Children's Home! #Running

We kicked off the school year by making our mark at school.  We did this in a couple of ways.  First, in memory of Coach Gerald's one year anniversary of his passing we honored his life by helping someone . We rekindled the recycling program at Red Bank Elementary School.  We made a map of all the recycle bins in the school, and every Tuesday we collect and deposit the recycled materials in the pick up bins outside the school.  At Carolina Springs Middle School, we helped the custodians collect trash throughout the school.  To celebrate his upcoming birthday, October 6, we conducted a random act of kindness by upgrading our teachers' mornings at both Red Bank and Carolina Springs.

Make Your Mark hosted families from the Red Bank and White Knoll communities in conjunction with Bojangles.  The families were treated to a meal, fun activities to play with their kids over supper, and a time of fellowship.  

Make Your Mark Honors Coach Gerald's Birthday by Upgrading Teachers' Mornings

Project Help Marion County a Huge Success

White Knoll High School Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball Teams Give Back

Our third goal of the semester was to make our mark within our community.  First, we celebrated the life of Mr. Larry Gates, father of our principal and Make Your Mark Board Member, Marie Watson. Ms. Watson does so much for us and has taught us incredible things about leadership. We wanted to honor someone in her life that impacted her in the same way. We worked with the Red Bank Elementary Garden Club to plant a tree in memory of him. Mr. Gates represents everything we hope to achieve as a member of our community. The second activity we did was set a goal to collect 80 comforters for Epworth Children's Home. Instead we collected 89 and hand-delivered them to the children's home.  

Our second goal was to make our mark at school.  We did this in a couple of ways.  First, the day after Coach Gerald passed away we decided to honor his life by helping someone . So we helped the custodians at our school pick up trash. Second, on Coach Gerald's birthday we remembered him by upgrading our teachers' mornings.

Our first goal to start the semester was to make our mark at home.  Each child set a goal for how they wanted to make changes at home to impact their family in a positive way.  Click here to hear each student talk about the impact they made. 

Making Our Mark In The  Community '14-'15

Making Our Mark At School '14-'15

Making Our Mark At Home '14-'15

Making Our Mark

In order to achieve our mission of developing global leaders through the game of basketball, it is key to set goals.  Below you will see ways that our student leaders have set and achieved goals throughout the years to make their mark on the world.  #Running